Tomato Pulp Crush (bag in box) Italian Import 15kg

Tomato Pulp Crush (bag in box) Italian Import 15kg



Tomato Crush / Pulp from O’ Sole Mio


  • Tomatoes 100% Italian grown tomatoes from Piacenza, Northern Italy, established in 1934
  • Vapour cooked tomatoes, maintaining all the freshness of recently harvested tomatoes
  • Crushed Tomato is achieved after blanching, extruding and dripping fresh tomatoes
  • A unique product which pairs diced tomato pulp with tomato juice
  • Uses a natural corrector of acidity, therefore less acidic
  • Excellent yield
  • Price fluctuation is minimal
  • It is a finished product insuring consistent quality and quantity
  • Tomato Crush is used for Napolitana sauce and Pizza base
  • Bag is filled to capacity
  • Packing ensures transport/storage less space and is environmentally friendly
  • Less time consuming for manufacturing
  • Some tasters found it gained a “good texture”, with a “nice balance of sweet and acidic”
  • Excellent for manufacturing of sauces
  • Available in a 10kg, 15kg aseptic Bags and 210lt (Drums)


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